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More than 1000 teachers all over Sweden have used ActiveQuiz to create active classes. Take the opportunity to turn any theoratical subject into a movement activity. The service corrects automatically and give you great statistics to share with students. ActiveQuiz has been used by "Lärarförbundet", "SPSM", The govenment and "Skolverket".

ActiveQuiz - Government collabs

ActiveQuiz has been used and developed along with schools for over 7 years. Right now we are part of a national investment for daily physical activity in high schools through the governmental project "Främja Fys".

The film below comes from the govenmental organisation "Skolverket" where ActiveQuiz is used as an exampel of "Active Classes". Thanks to students and teachers at Bäckahagens School in Stockholm, Sweden.

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No matter the age of your students. ActiveQuiz can be used in K-12 as well as higher education. Most of our clients and users use their own smart phones or tablets. We can also offer an "ActiveQuiz Gamebox" where we deliver a box with tablets that all students can share during ActiveQuiz classes. Contact us for more information about the Gamebox solution:

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Den 5:e april startar vår utmaning "Jorden runt på 8 veckor". Vi är redan över 1000 deltagare! Häng med vår tävlingsledare Rickard Olsson på ett varv runt jorden. Fyra unika quiz med kunskap från världens alla hörn under 8 veckor. Läs mer här

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ActiveQuiz was created with a strong WHY. We want kids and youth to be physical active at least 60 minutes a day. Therefore we always have 50% off on all our subscriptions and premiums if you work in a school.

  • Get access to:
    - Create physical activity during theoretical classes
    - Students can participate remotly
    - Walks are not location based
    - You pick the distance between questions or activities
    - You can decide the content
    - Schedule your quizzes
    - Collect and track results including attendende reports.

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