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We at ActiveQuiz are passionate about association life and supporting your business in the very best way. We offer a flexible digital solution and help in several areas where your association can have an opportunity to grow and develop. Use ActiveQuiz to develop your association on several different levels.

A new source of income

Arrange digital tip walks for your members. The members can go wherever and whenever they want without you having to invest time unnecessarily, such as going out and putting up physical notes.


A way to spread information about the association

Create questions about the association that lead to more people knowing what you stand for and what you can offer.


Educate leaders, players or referees

Create the questions based on the training you are going to carry out and ask the participants to answer these while they are moving.


Expand contact with your sponsors/partners

Invite companies to contribute questions about their business to create awareness of their business among members.


Good opportunities for varied training

Maybe it could be good to get the players out on an exercise round even on days when there is no joint training?

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40% Discount automatically added!

We at Active Quiz are active in associations ourselves. We know what it's like to want to activate all your members with a more or less meager association fund.

That is why we have worked hard for a heavily discounted price model for associations and schools.

Companies that purchase ActiveQuiz will automatically contribute to us being able to give a full 40% discount for all associations!